The merchant of venice

Today my dearest friend Bassanio came to see me at my house. He was seeking my help, he wants me to lend him money so he can court the beautiful Portia, the heiress of Belmont. Who has too many ducats for one man to count in a lifetime to her name. I had to say nay to the sweet Bassanio as all my ducats where in ships out at sea. But at last I had a auspicious idea, I told him he could go to Shylock, a Jewish money leader, and borrow in my name, for when my ships in I shall have 3 nay 4 times the amount he desires.

One thought on “The merchant of venice

  1. Thou hast in haste lent kindness to Signior Bassanio, and, as thou doeth so, hast promised one one’s own flesh. A treaty uncommon to this day, what was once lend in caring kindness now descenteth unto a fool’s haughty pride. Remind thee, must I, of Bassanio’s plea, for whilst he surely was’t eager in poise to accept thy noble name as credit for his loan unto Shylock, he didst caution thou to take concern. His yearning for Portia ‘tis great, but companionship with you beyond all yearnings doth surpass. For is not a pound of flesh worth more than riches? In saying this, I doth hold hope, might your ships hold fast, or there are many hence which might not cope!

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