The duke did what I have have to much pride he begged for my life, for the Jew to have mercury upon me. But the duke dose not knew the curtly of the Jew like I do. Of course He refused. But when ask why he said it was simply he whim. Thought I know this not to be true, he blames me for time he has been called dog and spat upon but most importantly he blames me for his dear Jessica running away and marrying a christian.

I go to court to sit in front of the Duke of Venice through my life is only in the hands of the Jew. I sealed the bond with a pound of my flesh so  if he can find a pound of flesh on my body thinned by age and worry a pound he shall  have.  I shall give it to him with pride and I will not beg him to show me mercury as I know he has none to show.

I go in to court tomorrow, and yet Bassanio has not yet arrived. It makes me sad to not have him by my side on my last days. I shall not rest easy tonight knowing tomorrow might bring with it the last sun rises I shall ever see.

I have come to terms that I will die, that Skylock will take a pound of my flesh and with that he will take my life. But if it is this  pound for my flesh, that makes Bassanio happy then I would do it a 1000’s times over.  I know that the Jew dose not a drop on compassion in his blood so I rest no hope that he will show any to me! I just hope Bassanio is here every soon to bid me Adieu.

For I Wait

I have the awful news today that all 4 of my  ships have been lost out at sea, and yet I still own Shylock 3ooo ducts. I shall send the news to Bassanio, and tell him to come forth back to Venice and see me before the day I die to bid me adieu, so I may tell him it was a good price to pay for his happiness and given the choice I do it many morn times.  So I send a letter to Belmont to sweet Bassanio. Calling him here.